“I called Atwood Forest Products on a Saturday morning and they literally had mats on the road immediately. They supplied thousands of mats to an emergency oil spill on a minutes notice. They were able to service our mat needs with 24 hour a day service.”

Here are some photos of Atwood Forest Product’s crane mats being used to help clean up this oil spill:

Michael Hyke

Minnesota Limited Inc

Note from Atwood Forest Products: In the summer of 2010, Michigan experienced an unfortunate oil spill in Calhoun County, in the Kalamazoo River. How rewarding to be able to ship crane mats to the site almost immediately to assist in the clean up. We received a call Saturday morning and began shipping crane mats by noon. We trucked mats through the weekend and into the following week.

Crane mats were used to create roads and bridges; and build a base for the heavy cranes to get right into the marsh areas to begin the clean up. Atwood Forest Products was one of many Michigan companies providing goods immediately to the disaster site. A real time for Michigan to rally together.


“In sixteen years of business history with Atwood forest products, their company provides a very good example of consistency in detail, quality and standing by their word.  I can rely on making sound decisions with the material and information Atwood’s provides – no question. This sounds good but is the absolute truth, it has been enjoyable working for your company. Thank You”

David E. Boerema
Michigan Rail & Storage, Inc.


“There have been many times we have used our own hardwood crane mats in the field. We not only stand behind our products, we use them too.”

Todd Atwood
Atwood Forest Products

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